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Strategic documents

The implementation of eGovernment services in practice is an extraordinary complex and extensive process which requires long-term preparations. The process requires a strategic and conceptual approach, taking in all areas to be affected by eGovernment operations. Therefore, strategic documents are of great importance. They represent a handbook for the building of a functioning and useful eGovernment solution from its general outlines to particular steps.

The eGovernment Strategy of the Slovak Republic is a crucial document that sets out the strategic objectives of eGovernment implementation and defines particular steps towards the modernisation of public administration and digitisation of its services. The Slovak Finance Ministry submitted this document to the Government for approval in compliance with the Act on Information Systems in Public Administration. The eGovernment strategy was approved by Government Resolution 131/2008 on 27 February 2008.

The National Concept of eGovernment is a follow-up document to the National eGovernment Strategy. The National Concept lays down the architecture of integrated information systems in public administration and specifies the standards for their building, with the aim of ensuring their interoperability and their independence from technology platforms.

The aforementioned documents will also serve as the basis for defining the scope and content of Feasibility Studies to be prepared for the first priority axis of the Operational Programme Informatisation of Society.



Publikované: 11.08.2008 / Aktualizované : 07.04.2009 / Lucia Fábryová
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