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Central Public Administration Portal

Central Public Administration Portal (CPAP) is under the administration of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and it is operated by the National Agency for Networking and Electronic Services (NASES) which was founded by the Government of the Slovak Republic.

CPAP provides central and integrated access to the public administration information sources and services. This portal is the crucial access point to all public administration portals. The public administration portal represents a two-level system of portals formed by the central public administration portal and second level portals, the so-called administration section portals belonging to the respective administrators. From technological point of view, CPAP represents primarily a content management system.

CPAP should satisfy minimum the following requirements:

  • Provision of information on public administration services;
  • Information search according to life events or key words.

CPAP mainly presents a centralized portal solution where all available information and logically structured electronic services accessible in a uniform manner are placed in one place.

New on Central Public Administration Portal 

From June 2009 the new electronic service "The general administration" is available on the Central Public Administration Portal. This electronic service allows citizens and businesses to make electronic filing a request, complaint, notice or announcement of public authorities, which uses a central electronic registry through the CPAP. All electronic submissions should be recorded in an electronic desk of citizen or the entrepreneur. The service is available for all citizens and businesses after the registration at the CPAP.

All important information about the General submission (or eSubmission) on Central Public Administration Portal you can find on the ePractice portal (


Publikované: 05.01.2011 / Lucia Fábryová
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