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Standards for IS PA

Standards are instruments for implementation and maintenance of interoperability of the information systems and usage of ICT.

The Act 275/2006 on information systems of public administration defines them as follows:

"Standard is a set of rules associated to creation, development and usage of information systems of public administration, which contains characteristics, methods, procedures and conditions, mainly in regard to security and integration with other information systems. Standards have to be open and technologicaly neutral."

Edict about standards for IS PA

Standards are published by legislative document (edict), the competency over its publishing falls to Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic. The current edict has been published in Official Journal: 

Relevant methodology has been published in the Financial Bulletin No. 9/2011:

The original Edict had been effective since August 1, 2006 to September 30, 2008, first actualized version had been effective since October 1, 2008 to July 14, 2010, second actualized version had been effective since July 15, 2014 to March 14, 2014.

There exist another methodologies as well - for example Methodology for Data Standards Description, published in the Financial Bulletin No. 8/2008, all to be found in the Slovak version of the standardization library.

Committee for standardization of IS PA

Committee for standardization of information systems of public administration, is the main advisory body for standardization.

The Committee was established by Ministry of Finance of the SR. Its members compose of wide spectrum of experts, representing public, private and academic sectors. The Committee has right to establish its own expert working groups, that deal with specific areas and questions of the standardization.

Areas of standardization

Standards are divided into different areas of application, mainly:

Technical standards.

  1. Webpages accessibility standards.
  2. Standards for usage of the files.
  3. Standards for nomenclature of electronic services.
  4. Security standards.
  5. Data standards.
  6. Standards for spacial identification.
  7. Standards of process management of information systems.
  8. Standard for eGovernment forms.
  9. Metadata standards.

Only first five areas of standardization standards are in force in the nowadays legislation, all others are still in the preparatory process.

The provided list is not considered completed - changes and updates are expected in regard to technological innovation and identification ofother needs of eGovernment.


Important part of the standardization is harmonization of the used terms - this approach generally belongs to semantic interoperability. Therefore, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic published first version of the methodology, that contains terms glossary used in legislation and other documents within the information society area.

pdf Methodological Guidance for the Usage of Technical Terms in the Inforamtion Society Area (548 kB) (Slovak version)


Suggestions, proposals, changes and new requirements in regard of standardization area should be sent to the address

Publikované: 12.08.2008 / Aktualizované : 29.10.2014 / Lucia Fábryová
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